Evaluating Different Power Solutions for Medium Caliber, Counter-Drone Rounds


  • Ryan Aguilar
  • John Carpenter
  • Christopher Mann
  • Andrew Woodman
  • Vikram Mittal




Counter-Drone Technology, Value modeling, Medium Caliber Ammunition


Drones are a growing part of the battlefield; they are becoming easier to produce and have growing capabilities that make them dangerous. There are many different ways to counter drones and a new medium caliber round may prove to be the best solution. The biggest issue in building this round is finding a power source that is cost-effective while also meeting stakeholder requirements. This study seeks to solve this issue by using a value modeling approach that scores each power source alternative based on metrics that are key to the stakeholder. The first step was to research power source alternatives that met stakeholder requirements. Each alternative was then given a value score based on their respective characteristics. The next step was to create a value versus cost trade space analysis, which provides insight into the tradeoff between value and cost. The analysis shows four feasible alternatives with low costs, and one alternative with a significantly higher cost and value.


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How to Cite

Aguilar, R., Carpenter, J., Mann, C., Woodman, A., & Mittal, V. (2023). Evaluating Different Power Solutions for Medium Caliber, Counter-Drone Rounds. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review, 11(1-2), 42-47. https://doi.org/10.37266/ISER.2023v11i1-2.pp42-47

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